Inaugural IWFF Walking Football World Championships a Triumph for Bolton Arena

The inaugural IWFF Walking Football World Championships recently took place at Chesterfield Football Club, marking a significant milestone in the walking football community. The event saw a remarkable participation from Bolton Arena, which had six players representing England in the women’s over 40s, 50s, and 60s categories.

Gary Jackson, a Bolton Arena O50s and Northwest regional player, managed the England women’s O50s squad. His leadership and dedication were evident as he guided the team through the competitive tournament.


Marcus Brown, the Football Manager at Bolton Arena, expressed immense pride in the women’s teams, stating, “We are super proud of the girls whom we recruited just three years ago for our new women’s walking football programme which is open to players that wish to take the game up or former established players. Their progress and also the club players around them has been phenomenal.”


The achievements of Bolton Arena’s players highlight the club’s impressive growth and success in walking football. Within the club, there is an unprecedented number of club players who play socially for fun, in leagues and tournaments, we boast regional players, and an overall club total of nine internationals. Additionally, we have a W.F.A. men’s England coach, as well as regional and international referees, underscoring the club’s significant contribution to the sport.

Teams from all over the world competed in the three-day tournament such as Norway, Sweden, France, Peru but to name a few, showcasing the global appeal and competitive spirit of walking football. The England O40s women’s team was crowned World Champions, winning all their matches in a dominant display of skill and teamwork. The O50s team narrowly missed out on world honours by just one point, while the England O60s women’s team also clinched the World Cup, with Bolton Arena’s Elaine Lowe pictured triumphantly holding the trophy.

The success at the IWFF Walking Football World Championships is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the players and staff at Bolton Arena. Their commitment to the sport and the development of women’s walking football has been inspirational, setting a high standard for others to follow.


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