Dear Customers,


Welcome to 2024 and we hope you are all enjoying a prosperous new year.


We just want to remind all customers who use lockers in our changing rooms that you are not permitted to leave any personal items in the lockers when you are not using the facilities. This policy is in place to maintain a fair and convenient locker usage system for everyone. We understand the importance of having a secure space for your belongings while using our facilities, and we want to ensure that every customer has equal access to this amenity.

If you inadvertently leave something behind, please note that our staff will store any removed items in our lost and found area for a limited period. However, we strongly advise against relying on this, as we cannot guarantee the security or availability of items left overnight.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in adhering to this policy. It helps us create a pleasant and organised environment for all our customers.


Bolton Arena Sports Village