Creating great athletes and all-round good people

Bolton Arena Sports Village serves as the Lawn Tennis Association’s Regional Player Development Centre (RPDC) for the North West.   

Our goal is to produce internationally relevant tennis players by the age of 14 who could also have the potential to be selected for the LTA’s National Academy.

The players in our programme are challenged in an intensive, professional environment with like-minded players and coaches driving the day-to-day standards. 

We take a ‘person first’ approach to produce players with the resilience, leadership and accountability they will need not only in tennis but in everyday life.

The RPDC programme

Bolton Arena Tennis Academy guarantees to offer a service that will give your child a chance to optimise their tennis potential between the ages of 10-14 years. The players in our programme are challenged in an intensive, professional environment with like-minded players and coaches driving the day-to-day standards. 

Within the RPDC structure, all players will be offered a bespoke weekly training programme comprising of daily squad sessions, strength & conditioning sessions, and individual lessons.

A game of tennis being played at Bolton Arena

Our Philosophy

The coaching team are fully invested in developing young individuals into successful tennis players. Alongside our philosophy of OWNIT, we take a ‘Person First’ approach to equip our players with the resilience, leadership, and accountability they will need not only in tennis but in everyday life. Our RPDC creates great athletes and all-round good people.  

Previous players selected from Bolton Arena Sports Village for National Academies are Ella McDonald, Hannah Rylatt, Millie Skelton, and Viktor Frydrych. 


Parent Testimonials

“Our daughter is coming to the end of her RPDC journey. During this time she has developed massively as a player and an individual. The level of coaching she has received has been fantastic. It has felt like the coaches have been fully invested in our child and they have been on this journey with her. Sabrina, Howard and their amazing team have a great understanding of what each individual player needs to achieve the best they can. Players are constantly being encouraged to live tennis, to be fully involved in their training and to give and get out 100% at each training session. There is a philosophy that great training not only helps you as an individual but the rest of the squad, in turn helping you get better.

The RCDP helps the children grow and understand what it takes to be a great tennis player. It teaches them to Own It. Bolton Arena is like a second home for our child and we believe we wouldn’t find better anywhere else.

She is lucky to train at Bolton Arena.”

RPDC Parent 1

“My child (12yrs old) is on their 2nd year of the RPDC programme. There has been real progress in their game since starting and has had two successful years in terms of results at tournaments, GB selections and sponsorships. The coaching style, squad and S&C environments have helped to develop his confidence and social skills too, which has meant that some great relationships have been formed with both coaches and players alike.”

RPDC Parent 2

“My son loves training at the Bolton RPDC. Sabrina and Simon go over and above for their players and are always there to advise and support both parents and players on their tennis journey. Mental wellbeing and the love of tennis is a priority for me, as a parent. I really feel that the Bolton RPDC has got that balance of intensity and fun just right. My son always wants to be there, he hates missing a session and that speaks for itself.”

RPDC Parent 3

“We are really grateful for the rpdc program. Venue is great, coaches are amazing and nice to be part of a supportive community. We are so pleased to see our son make great improvements within tennis and grow in confidence. Many thanks for your support.”

RPDC Parent 4

“My daughter has been at Bolton since the start of her tennis journey and with RPDC over the last 2 years
She has grown and improved both as an individual and as a tennis player working with the academy coaches and fellow players.
She has been extremely happy and the healthy environment within the Bolton RPDC has immensely contributed to hers and other players success over the years.
I am sure there will be more success stories for players joining the centre and the hard work done by the RPDC coaching staff will pay off year by year contributing to this success.”

RPDC Parent 5

LTA player development pathway

LTA selected players

Bolton Arena Regional player development centre selection

Development at Bolton Arena Regional player development centre for Children aged 10-14 years.

LTA National Academy or Performance Squads for children aged 14+

Full Time Academy for children aged 15+.

“I’ve known Steve for many years now and have seen him help many youngsters become fantastic players. For me, being a player who is more towards the end of their career, he’s found such a great balance between giving advice and coaching me but also understanding that my needs are different from that of a junior player.

That adaptability is what makes a good coach, great. We communicate a lot about my game and discuss both of our opinions on it, making it much easier to highlight and work on areas to improve.  I’ve really enjoyed my time with him so far, the energy and positivity he brings to each practice, and I can’t wait for more work together in the future!”

Heather Watson – Mixed Doubles Wimbledon Champion

Mixed Doubles Wimbledon Champion

“Steve coached me when I first started out playing tennis aged 8 or 9 up until I was 11 or 12, winning the U12 Nationals under his guidance!

He always brought great energy and enthusiasm to my lessons and taught me how to use my ‘lefty crafts’ at an early age, which has been a great staple for my career. Ten years later I’m still very much in touch with Steve. He has always been incredibly supportive throughout my journey in tennis and offered guidance in recent years. A fantastic coach for all ages!

I genuinely believe that my early years working with Steve at Bolton Arena set me on a great path for my career. He taught me great foundations and player identity early on, which has given me so much clarity in my game to date.”

Beth Grey (WTA Player) 

WTA Player

“I trained at Bolton with Steve as my individual coach between the ages of 10-13. In that time, I made some big strides as a player.  Working with Steve, I learnt a lot about being disciplined and he taught me the values of becoming a top player. Steve expected extremely ambitious standards from myself and it’s all for the right reasons.

He had a good balance of being ‘tough’ while, at the same time, making the game enjoyable. He created a fantastic team environment at Bolton, which made everyone want to compete 100% all the time and get the best out of themselves. I’ve been coached by some of the world’s top coaches and Steve played a huge role in my career.”

George Morgan – Tennis

Orange Bowl Champion U14, U18 and Wimbledon Junior Doubles Champion


Our RPDC has several links with local, national and global educators, to develop our Tennis Academy players with off- and on-court support.  

See the educational institutions for more information.


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We offer a range of tennis memberships for peak and off peak use with a 12 month contract, which give you maximum court allowance of 2 off-peak courts per day, 1 peak court per day.

We also offer a range of tennis and fitness memberships to help you get the most out of  our facilities at Bolton Arena Sports Village.

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Tennis court hire is available from just:

  • £11 per hour for under 18s during off-peak hours
  • £13 per hour for adults during off-peak hours
  • £20 per hour during peak. hours

If you are an existing customer, you can book your tennis court online via our web portal.

The tennis courts at Bolton Arena Sports Village are high performance indoor hard courts, to give you the best game year round.

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