Running better together 

No more excuses not to run. It’s always easier to head out if you have a friend, or a group, to head out with – and the Bolton Arena Sports Village Community Run Group is your best friend for fending off reasons not to run.  

Motivation and commitment are just two reasons we’ve forged a successful partnership with long-established Horwich RMI Harriers to encourage newer runners to be part of a group and to have fun exercising together.    

The FREE sessions take place every Wednesday evening, meeting at the Arena Sports Village reception at 17:50.  

As all runners know, you never regret exercising once you’ve done it, but it’s the getting those trainers on and stepping outside that’s often the hardest step (pun intended). The community aspect of joining others encourages you to get out the door with like-minded people and not miss a session.

Four reasons to join the Bolton Arena Sports Village Run Group 

1. Boost your mood  

Endorphins are the reason we feel great after exercising, even if it’s been tough – or should we say especially if it’s been tough.  

Research has shown that we feel more tired after exercising with others, possibly due to an element of competition and therefore, it is likely we are working harder. There’s no better feeling after a run than knowing you’ve given it your all.  

Furthermore, another study showed that exercising with others – as opposed to doing it alone – produces greater benefits in all round mental health. Win-win!  

Woman tying the laces on her trainers

2. Building the habit 

One of the best ways to start building your running habit is to have a structured plan as to when you’re going to train rather than just running when you feel like it. 

3. Push yourself  

Completing a 5k or 10k personal best on your own can be tough and requires incredible effort and determination. If you’ve ever run at an event, you’ll have experienced that running alongside and around others has a massive impact on your own motivation, and therefore likelihood of performing well. Research has shown that working alongside and/or with others increases our levels of motivation and as a result, how long and hard we exercise for. 

4. Build Bonds

Running as part of a group, or with a friend, means you sweat, struggle, and grind through it as one. When groups go through adversity together, strong bonds are made. There’s no better way to meet new people and build new connections than collectively tackling something. 

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Our Charitable Impact

Bolton Arena Sports Village is a trading name for Middlebrook Leisure Trust which is a registered charity.

It is our mission to inspire people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to follow a lifelong passion for sport and healthy lifestyles through the provision of excellent sport & exercise facilities and sports programmes which are accessible to all.

Governed by a board of trustees, surplus revenues are reinvested into the facility, activities to benefit the local community.

Our Charitable Impact

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