Finding the right education support

Bolton Arena Tennis Academy has several links with local, national and global educators, in order to developer our Academy players off the court, in addition to our on-court support.

Take a look at the educational institutions below to find out more.

Our Education Partners

Bolton School

Bolton School

Bolton Arena Tennis Academy are working in partnership with Bolton School and online educators Minerva’s Virtual Academy, to offer a range of options for the players personal needs.

The link with Bolton school offers pupils the chance to join the “elite athlete” programme, which allows the players to build a timetable to suit the demands of training during school time and travel to tournaments. With this programme, the pupil also gets a mentor to help support the journey as an elite athlete.

Bolton School has had athletes across different sports who then go on to succeed at international level.

Minerva's Virtual Academy

Minerva’s Virtual Academy

Minerva’s Virtual Academy have 2 packages to choose from for pupils at GCSE and A-Level. The online school offers face to face live lessons every day for pupils to attend and build the relationships with fellow students and teachers. If a player was to miss the lesson they can catch up that evening and watch the lesson back. Each pupil has their own mentor they have 24/7 contact with if they were after extra support.

If you are after a more bespoke package, Minerva also build timetables of live 1:1 lessons for pupils who need to train through the day and do school in the evening.

The award winning academy have expert staff who have played elite level sport in the USA college system and have experience of the demands on the pupil.

Stars and Stripes Tennis Recruitment

Stars and Stripes Tennis Recruitment

Stars and Stripes Tennis Recruitment support the whole educational process before, during and after college graduation. There is an initial personal consultation with player and parent.

Included in the package is tournament schedule and attendance, connecting with appropriate coaches relevant to athletic and academic levels, SAT/ACT guidance and registration, as well as eligibility guidance and registration for NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, UTR and WTN guidance.

Tournaments are attended and monitored with US Coach visits and personalised showcases. Contact is ongoing throughout the process and throughout college. Assistance after college is provided, if required for aspects such as internships, coaching opportunities, competing or Masters Degrees in the US or UK.