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Strength & Conditioning

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The strength and conditioning programme is a long term physical development process, to ensure players receive the age-specific athletic underpinning to support their tennis performance. The primary aims are to teach and master fundamental movement skills, reduce the risk of injury and improve athletic and tennis-specific performance.



To ensure that the programme is fully integrated, regular meetings are held with the tennis coaches to discuss players programmes, tournament schedules, developmental areas and goal setting. Joint delivery of sessions by both the tennis and Strength & Conditioning Coach ensure work completed is player-specific and developmental areas are addressed much quicker.

The latest research and information on youth development and tennis performance is used to guide programming. Age-relevant player programmes are individualised according to their long-term game style development.

Strength & Conditioning Training Philosophy

Taking Players From Tots to Tour

  1. Teach fundamental movement skills and physical literacy
  2. Reduce the risk of injuries
  3. Create an athlete for life
  4. Create a tennis athlete


Programme Pillars

  1. Master fundamentals of movement; general and specific.
  2.  Master fundamentals of preparation; technical, tactical, physical, mental and recovery
  3. Eat and drink well
  4. Maintain health


Squad Sessions

All tennis squads have age-relevant physical session attached. Within the sessions key elements covered are: physical preparation; fundamental movement skills, sports specific skills, strength; injury reduction and recovery.


Small Group Sessions

Small groups of 2-6 players are available. There are two types available:

  • Players can be group based on similar levels of training ability, where their common developmental areas will be addressed – flexibility, physical competency & performance.
  • Physical quality specific – these sessions will a have a single specific theme: speed; agility; strength; coordination & dexterity.


Individual Sessions

One-to-one sessions allow the coaches to tailor the content, to 100% focus on the individual players’ physical goals.

These sessions are ideal when players have not been training long, this way progressions are made at the individuals pace.

As well as working on flexibility, physical competency & performance, content can be personalised to develop key technical areas such as movement and footwork.

Physical Testing, Screening & Reporting

Performance Testing

  • A full testing battery assessing strength, speed, power and agility is carried out three times per year.
  • The results are reported back to players and will be used to guide future physical priorities.


Physical Competency Testing

  • An evaluation of key physical movements: squatting; lunging; single leg squatting, force absorption, pushing, pulling and bracing.
  • Completed up to four times per year, provides more in-depth information on players strength and developmental areas.


Musculoskeletal Screenings

  • On site physiotherapists Summit perform our yearly screenings.
  • We have three levels of screening, flexibility (for all squad members), kinetic control assessment for (U14) and Performance Matrix assessment (14+)


Physical Training Blocks

One 6 week and two 3 week blocks are planned throughout the year, where the main focus is the players’ physical development.


Periodised Planning

Regular meetings are held with tennis, strength & condition coaches and the players.

The following areas are taken into consideration: tournament schedules; planned rest; peaking and tapering; physical blocks.


Goal Setting

Specific physical goals are discussed, which will have a positive impact on technical and tactical performance.

Sports Science


Performance testing using equipment such as light gates and jump mats. Physiological testing including: v02max; blood lactate; repeat sprint and power testing.

We have collaboration with a college who have degree level sport science students and BASES accredited sports scientists, who assist us with our testing.



Regular measurements are taken to monitor Peak Height & Weight Velocity. For appropriately aged players body fat % is monitored.



  • Regular players and parents presentations
  • Nutrition education programme
  • Liaise with Nick Morgan (SOTO Tennis,



All players are encouraged to keep a training diary and fill in weekly/monthly schedules on-line. Appropriately aged players are monitored for training load, fatigue and recovery.

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