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Stateside Foods continue their support at Bolton Arena.

Bolton Arena are delighted to announce that Stateside Foods have renewed their partnership with Bolton Arena for another 2 years.

Stateside Foods is part of the Freiberger Group, who are the largest own label pizza manufacturer in Europe and a global supply network, Stateside foods has been instrumental in helping to shape today’s UK chilled pizza market.

Stateside Foods have taken out our titanium partnership, getting the maximum exposure of their brand throughout the whole of Bolton Arena to 1 million customers in the form digital signage to email banners on our newsletters. We offer state of the art advertising to get your brand out to an audience you may not have thought off.

Stateside Foods also provide their staff with gym membership in our newly refurbished gym with our whole workforce membership offer. The whole work force membership can improve employee morale and increase job satisfaction as well as showing care about the wellbeing of your employees.

Bolton Arena are pleased to have a local company that works towards the same ethos as us by supporting the local community.

To learn how your company can reach Bolton Arena’s visitors and beyond or require more about our whole work force membership, please contact us on 01204 488122 or email


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