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Celebrating 20 years with Jim Jackson

Jim Jackson becomes the latest gym member to speak to us during our 20 year celebrations, about his time as a member of Bolton Arena Gym.

How long have you been a member at Bolton Arena Gym?

I joined in 2002, so I have been a member of Bolton Arena Gym for 19 years now.

What was your main reason for choosing Bolton Arena Gym?

I had been a member at another local gym. However, when my membership was up for renewal I made enquiries about Bolton Arena, and ended up joining, remaining here ever since.

What has made you remain with us for this amount of time?

The prices are very reasonable, and I live local, which helps things fit in. The equipment is good, which makes training easier. Also, the social side with the group of friends who train at the same time is a big factor as to why I am still here.

Do you have any standout memories?

Yes, there’s certainly some characters here and we have a good laugh, but I think one of the standouts of the gym is the group of people that train in the morning during the week, who I have formed a friendship group with. We go out for social events such as long walks or lunches together, so it’s wider than just exercising at the gym. Nothing has happened fairly recently due to Covid, but the plans will be resurrected in the New Year, hopefully.

Is there anything you would recommend to anyone considering joining Bolton Arena Gym?

I’d recommend joining with a friend. For people who are in a similar position to me (retired), it gives a focus and a starting point to the day.


Thank you for taking the time to speak to us, Jim. We hope you continue to enjoy your membership.

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