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Bolton Arena to host Pickleball English Nationals as the Sport’s Popularity Continues to Soar

Bolton Arena to host Pickleball English Nationals as the Sport’s popularity continues to soar

• Pickleball is a hybrid of tennis, badminton & table tennis that is easy to learn and fun to play,
ideal for all ages and abilities
• It is one of the fastest growing sports in America and already boasts a wealth of celebrity fans,
including Kim Kardashian, Leonardo DiCaprio and George Clooney
• The sport is growing rapidly at this side of the Atlantic too, with pickleballEngland reporting 60%
increase in membership in 2022
• Bolton Arena will host this year’s English Nationals event - where a record number of players are
set to compete
• Head to to find your nearest place to play

Pickleball: the sport that is currently sweeping America and now has a firm foothold in the UK.
A hybrid of tennis, badminton & table tennis, the sport has been cited as one of the ‘fitness trends
of 2022’* and already boasts a wealth of celebrity fans - including Kim Kardashian, Leonardo
DiCaprio and George Clooney.

With over 7,000 active players in the UK, the sport has seen exponential growth in the past year,
with pickleballEngland reporting a 60% year to date increase in membership.
And now, Bolton is set to host this year’s English Nationals - with a record number of players set
to contest this year’s event.

Taking place in Bolton Arena from the 27th - 30th October, the Nationals will see over 400 players
from England competing in singles, doubles and mixed doubles games. What’s more, this year’s
Nationals event will also see a ‘Major League Pickleball - English Style’ competition played out for
the first time.

Inspired by Major League Baseball, Major League Pickleball (TM) is an innovative format involving
mixed genders competing as a team against other teams in round robin games. Teams will involve
the top eight 19+ men, 19+ women, 50+ men and 50+ women and each round robin fixture will
comprise four games (women’s doubles, men’s doubles, and two mixed doubles) with a unique
singles tiebreaker.

Popular in America, this will be the first time a Major League Pickleball (English Style) has been
contested during an English Nationals competition. Each MLP team has their own individual
sponsor and there will be eight teams in total. Local companies Scan and 305 Wear (based in
Bolton and Cheshire respectively) have signed up as two of the sponsors for the event and two
local players (Maisie Wise from Cumbria and Karen Farnhill from Clitheroe) have also been
selected to compete.

What’s more, the MLP will also have video review for the first time, showcasing the growth in the
sport this side of the pond.

Speaking about the growth of Pickleball and the upcoming Nationals event in Bolton, Karen
Mitchell, Chair of pickleballEngland commented:
‘It’s a really exciting time for everyone involved with pickleballEngland at the moment. We currently
have over 3,400 pbE members - a 60% increase on last year and our English Nationals is the most
registered to date. Bolton Arena is the perfect venue for our event and we have lots of local
players set to compete too. We’re hoping our event will inspire local people to try the sport. We’re
also encouraging locals to come down and watch if they’ve never seen pickleball played before -
it’s perfect for all ages and abilities.’

With record numbers of players set to compete in Bolton at the end of October, why not try the
game for yourself by finding a court near you at

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