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Meet The Staff: Gaynor Higson

NAME: Gaynor Higson

AGE:  49

WORK TITLE: Senior Health and Fitness Instructor/Inspire Bolton to Action Mentor

WHAT DOES YOUR WORK INVOLVE: The main aspect of the job involves helping members achieve their goals at the gym, whether this is for fitness, social, fun, health or a combination of these. This is by setting progressive programmes, dealing with general inquiries, taking active one-to-one sessions or just by interacting with them.

HIGHLIGHTS OF YOUR CAREER SO FAR: Winning Bolton Council Instructor/Coach of the Year 2012/2014.

SPECIAL WORK CHALLENGES: Turning people around to actually enjoy coming to the gym ad getting the same buzz out of it as I do.

FUTURE PLANS: Being relatively new to the fitness industry in a work capacity, I still feel I have a lot to learn in a rapidly changing industry. I still get a buzz out of coming to work (most days!) and helping people towards their fitness goals and unless this changes I cannot see me wishing to change my work plans or environment.

BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT THE ARENA: Being paid to talk to people about fitness and training! What’s not to like – and, of course, all the people I meet.

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