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Celebrating 20 years with Marcus Bailey-Brown

We've been catching up with our Football Manager, Marcus, Bailey-Brown, about his time here at Bolton Arena.

Can you tell us more about your role and background?
My primary role at the Arena is income generation as well as to provide football provision at all levels for the local and wider community. My previous two roles have been within the football leisure industry starting out at 16 years of age at Bolton Wanderers FC where I spent twelve memorable years at the clubs sports centre as well as playing reserve team level under then manager, Phil Neal. Wanting to further challenge myself I moved into a management role at the new complex, in Manchester where again, I spent five truly memorable years. Both roles enabled me to meet thousands of footballers from all walks of life, which I value greatly.

What made you apply for a job at Bolton Arena?
Through the channels I was informed that the tennis courts were being converted to football pitches. So, one morning I called the Arena and spoke to our now Operations Manager and introduced myself, expressing my interest. Albeit it concerned me he stated it would be a ‘a nice little part time role’. I realised then that my experience would fit perfectly, and that part time would be very, very short lived.

Do you remember your first day?
On my first day, the first person I met was Kerry Davies now McDonald. A bubbly exchange was had and then after a meeting with the former MD, Mike Bain, I spent the majority of my time in a small office, on the phone, with a Yellow Pages and some enquiry forms. This lasted four weeks until the first 32 league teams set us on the way.

What do you think is your biggest achievement since you have been here?
My biggest achievement would be two, haha. Holding down the role of Football Manager for 17 years given the nature it’s financial pressures. You have to remain self-motivated, driven and innovative. My second would be the income generation whilst in the role, of £5.4m. 

What has been your favourite memory from the past 20 years?
My favourite memory? There are simply far too many to mention given my 17 years, but I’d like to pick out the pleasure of being part of our growth over the years to breaking over one million visitors per annum all of which desired our customer service.


Thank you for your many years of service, Marcus. It's been a pleasure.

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