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As an academy, we are proud to offer a service that can take a player from Mini Tennis all the way to Pro tennis. This journey can be very different for each individual and the academy works to the needs of the player. One of the most common routes to playing full time tennis is via a US College Scholarship and we work closely with an agency to ensure this pathway is smooth and right for the player.


The team are driven and passionate about the player's development through our performance pathway and work closely to ensure that there is an integrated approach to tennis, strength & conditioning, sports science, nutrition and sports psychology.

The squad program has a detailed framework that is age/sex specific. Every squad has a physical session included which focuses on the physical components within the set syllabus.

For those players wanting a bespoke individualised program, the team of experienced coaches will build this around individual needs to maximise their potential. 

The academy program has the OWNIT philosophy embedded into its core. All the players from Tots to Tour level work alongside a team of coaches that demonstrate these fundamentals day in day out. 

There is a demand for exceptional levels from the coaching team and reports are completed on all the players every term reviewing the progress around the OWNIT philosophy.

To ensure all the academy players gain the most from the day to day training, we support them on the road at all the major UK events, Tennis Europe and ITF tournaments around the globe. This package is called tournament support and is offered to all players in our academy and other players from elsewhere with the collaboration of their coaches. 

Bolton Arena is 1 of only 12 RPDC’s in the UK. Our purpose is to provide high-quality coaching environments which enable the best players to train regularly with each other and nurture the best young players to build an all court game style that will enable them to compete at a National and International level.

The RPDC sessions are for the best juniors aged 10-14 who are selected for the Regional training sessions. We run 3 sessions per week and cater for players from across the region.

The sessions also include strength and conditioning, sports psychology and nutrition, ensuring the players get the very best advice to help them on the pathway.

The U10 programme is aimed at players aged 4 to 10 who are developing a love for tennis and are aspiring to compete at county and regional level. Our purpose is to attract children into the game and nurture their tennis development by offering high quality training environments which nurture the development of young people and players.


We also run a popular junior programme which is aimed at players aged 9 to 16 playing on a recreational basis. These sessions are fun, engaging and are designed to inspire players to continue playing by having a genuine love of the game. Each session will focus on upskilling player’s in serving, rallying and scoring so players have the tools to play the game at the earliest opportunity. 

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