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Junior Tennis Overview

The junior programme builds on the solid foundations established in mini tennis. The performance programme provides a high intensity training environment for players on an international & professional tennis pathway where excellence, work ethic and determination are essential both on and off the court. We have a highly qualified and experienced team of coaches that work closely to ensure that there is an integrated approach to tennis, strength & conditioning, sport science, nutrition and sports psychology. Players are guided along the performance pathway towards exits routs such as the professional tour and collegiate tennis scholarships in the USA.

Squad Programme

The yearly squad syllabus is age and level specific . All squad have a tennis specific physical session included which focuses on the physical components within the set syllabus. The squads are run over a number of courts to allow all players the variety of hitting with other players of their level. All players begin the squad with the Bolton Arena warmup which ensures players are physically ready to meet the demands of the squads.

Individual Programme

It’s expected that all players in the performance programme have individuals in their training schedule. Their individual coach is responsible for goal setting and tournament scheduling to ensure that players are reaching their development goals.


Nutrition plays an integral part in successful training and competing. We provide workshops for players and parents on the importance of nutrition and how it can help to optimise sporting performance. As part of this education process players will fill in food diaries to ensure that they are maximising their chances of success and minimising fatigue and injury due to the body not being adequately refuelled and hydrated.

Sports Psychology

The aims of the sports psychology sessions is to introduce the concept that the brain is a muscle and therefore needs to be trained consistently ad systematically every day both on and off the court. Sports psychology sessions will take place both in squads and in individual sessions.


Scheduling is an important and ongoing task. Its important  that once schedules are set that they are consistently monitored to ensure that players are playing the right tournament. The individual coach will meet regularly with players and parents to discuss the options available and set the forthcoming tournaments.

AASE Overview

The Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE) is delivered through a network of LTA accredited High Performance Centre and TF Performance Universities.
The programme is aimed at players aged between 16 to 18 years old and provides a clear pathway for young players to become professional players, coaches and other tennis professionals, whilst gaining qualifications.
The AASE programme offers an extensive programme for players by offering access to high quality training, key speakers, educational resources, day tournament visits and the possibility of high quality progression routes to full time tennis, full time coaching or a University scholarship either at home or abroad.

AASE Programme

Players will need to fill in an application form that can be downloaded from the LTA website and ensure that they fulfil the criteria. Players will then have an interview with their parents at Bolton Arena where the programme and requirements will be laid out.

The AASE programme includes 8 hours of tennis and 4 hours of physical training sessions per week. Players will also attend presentations and complete course work throughout the year.

Many of our players that have completed the AASE programme have gone on to have collegiate tennis scholarships in the USA.

What’s included

Per Week

  • 6 Hours Squad Tennis
  • 4.5 Hours Physical
  • 1 Hour Course work

The Tennis sessions are lead out by Steven Fathers. Steven is the Head of Junior Performance at the IHPC and has 20 years coaching experience. He has been doing the AASE program for 7 years.

The physical program is lead out by Howard Green. Howard is the S+C coordinator for the IHPC program.


Individualised Programs

Bolton IHPC can cater for all players needs. If you require a more bespoke program then the team of coaches can deliver this at a world-class level with many examples of success to show for it.



Rivington and Blackrod High School

Study and take you’re A Levels at a High school with a fantastic reputation for catering for Performance Athletes.


University Video Promotion

Bolton has their very own in house University Film Maker with a list of success stories.

His movies are edited and filmed with the latest high tech equipment for outstanding results which are then posted on You Tube for Universities to view.



The Director of the program, Suzi Riley and Coaches, Richard Crabtree and Danielle Hock all studied at American Universities and have the knowledge and contacts to get you on your way to a life changing experience.



Players on AASE should be committed to tennis as a priority and aiming to continue their tennis commitment after the programme.

  • Players must be a minimum of 5.1 rating
  • Players on AASE are expected to compete at National/International level on a regular basis. This means demonstrating a full tournament programme including a minimum of 10 identified international/national events (a year) including Aegon British Tour; ITF Junior Events, ITF Pro-series, Aegon County Cup, National Grade 1 and 2 events (additional Aegon Team Tennis events). Players must compete in  a minimum of 60 matches per year.
  • Players must train for a minimum of 16 hours per week (including physical conditioning and matches) with a further commitment to tennis related activity such as planning, file work, travelling, hitting with HPC juniors (total 30 hours per week).

Please note the rating is only one of the acceptance criteria and on its own does not guarantee entry to the programme. In addition, players have to be accepted by their centre and fully demonstrate they meet all of the above criteria to join AASE.


How can I apply?

By contacting Stuart Kay – or 01204 488110

AASE Case Studies

Peter O’Donovan
Started with the Program aged 16 as an intermediate level county player. Under the guidance of Steven Fathers, Tennis Coach and Howard Green, Physical Conditioner he has gained his US college scholarship at a Div 1 tennis team in Vegas. Peter was keen to learn and better himself so committed full time to the academy and local school for his A levels and stayed with a host family for his 2 years at Bolton.

Chris Nott
Made the transition from the junior academy program to the AASE scheme back in 2005. During the 2 years he spent on the scheme he played on the junior and senior ITF circuit and gained valuable experience for his US College life. Chris spent 4 years graduating at Arkansaw and played the NCAA’s in his last 2 years. He then came back to the UK and gained employment with Hawkeye and travels the globe following all the ATP and WTA events.

Liz Ullathorne
Liz was part of the AASE between 2006-08 which saw her gain the knowledge and confidence to gain a place at the Div 1 College in Texas where she has continued to stay and coach after her graduation.

Mike Nott
Arkansaw US College. Mike is now back at Bolton IHPC and focusing on making a Pro Career on the ATP doubles circuit.

Mike Ward
Arkansaw US College

Callum Lloyd
Sterling Uni

Bryony Hunter
US College

Olivia Brown
Manchester Uni

Sam Rogerson
US College

Conor Bunting
London Uni

Alec Foote
US College

Haydan Andrew
London Uni

Matt Boyle
US College

Ben Chricton

Georgia Craven
Warakshire Uni

Peter O’Donovan

Sean Sivewright
Bath Uni

Keiran Cronin
US College

Luca Cocco
Bath Uni

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