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Celebrating 20 years with Sheila Norris

Sheila Norris, is one of our long standing gym members, having been here from the very first day. Sheila shares her time here with us.

What was the main reason for you joining Bolton Arena?
The main reason for joining Bolton Arena was to lose some weight and get fit.

How long have you been a member?
I went to an open evening to look at the plans of the arena and joined the 1st day it opened to the public.

What aspect of training do you enjoy most at Bolton Arena?
I enjoy the classes that Bolton Arena have on offer as part of the membership. I enjoy the instructor-led Revolution classes and Les Mills virtual classes, virtual classes. Also, I have recently taken up yoga, which I’m enjoying.

What is your favourite memory of your time here?
Seeing how much fitter and stronger I have got thanks to a lot of help from the gym staff. Plus making some new friends along the way.


Thank you for being such a loyal member to us, Sheila. We hope you to continue to enjoy time with us.

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