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Celebrating 20 years with Alan & Kathryn Hughes

Alan & Kathryn Hughes have been gym members here at Bolton Arena for 19 years. We sat down with them both to ask a few questions about being members of Bolton Arena.

How long have you been members for, and what was the main reason for joining?

We joined Bolton Arena in 2002 shortly after we retired.

Our main reason for joining was that we recognised the need to increase our exercise levels if we were to remain fit and active for as long as possible.

What aspect of training do you enjoy most at Bolton Arena?

I find exercising on my own on a machine to be excruciatingly boring – but recognise the need to do it to maintain fitness.  It is far better to have someone on an adjacent machine to talk to whilst exercising.  Better still, is to exercise in a class with others, like the Spin classes, which I try to do twice a week.

The aspect of training I enjoy the most is walking out of the front door of the Arena after the end of a hard session knowing that I have done my best and have finished for the day.

What is your favourite memory of your time here?

Undoubtedly, it is meeting up and socialising with other like-minded people who are mostly very friendly.

Thank you Alan and Kathryn for your continued support and we hope you have many more happy years training here at Bolton Arena.

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