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Gym Tots - Children aged Walking - 4 years


Gymnastics activities are set up for parent & child to explore together. Our fantastic coaches show you all the different activities you can do on the soft play equipment & gymnastic apparatus. We are here to ensure your child’s introduction into gymnastics is lots of fun and safe.

What to expect:

The soft play equipment & apparatus will be set up around the room, allowing your child to move around at their own pace. The room is filled with lots of bright colourful equipment, to help your child learn through play, imagination, creativity, whilst socialising with other Gym Tots.

Pre-School Gymnastics - Children aged 2½ - 4 years


This independent class offers a safe, playful environment where your child can learn the basic fundamentals of Gymnastics. This includes shapes, balancing and coordination activities.

What to expect:

Classes are set up as two circuits. Gymnasts will move around the circuits during the session, focusing on Gymnastics movements. A fun and engaging environment is provided through games and group activities.

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