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Choosing the Right Gym

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We know that making the decision to change your life and become a fitter version of yourself can be a daunting thought, especially when it comes to joining the gym.

That’s why our Senior Membership Consultant, Andy, has put together a few points to look out for which will help you decide which gym is right for you.

Whether you are a gym veteran or an exercise novice, there is a gym out there for everyone.


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Find a gym either close to your work place or close to your home. You want a gym that is really convenient for you to attend on a regular basis.


Joining a gym is a big commitment. And these days you will have plenty of different gyms to choose from, which is great. Ask around where your friends/family train and search the internet for local gyms. Narrow your decision down to maybe 2-3 gyms. Book yourself a tour of the facilities and ask the staff for a trial. All good gyms will happily offer you this. The trial will give you a great feel for the place, the equipment, the staff, and other members who you will be training alongside.


Check what activities different gyms offer. It can be hard to find a gym which offers you EVERYTHING you want under one roof. Ask about 1:1 training, boot camps, social clubs, swimming pools, sauna’s and steam rooms. A great gym should have lots of different types of activities to help you out with your training needs.


Whether you are an experienced gym goer, or a complete beginner, having help and support from knowledgeable staff is important. Inductions should be provided and so should follow up appointments from a good gym to check that you’re happy with your training and most importantly that it’s working for you! A great gym will cater for all types of members. It is always nice to walk into a gym and be greeted by friendly, helpful staff who are there to support you with your goals.


Before you join anywhere research local gyms, and go and view them. Check their facilities out. Is the kit new? Are the facilities clean and tidy? Do the staff appear friendly and helpful? You don’t want to be walking around a gym and seeing machines out of use.


Check what time the gym opens in the morning and closes at night. And what hours it’s opens on the weekend. A good gym will be open from first thing in the morning until late in the evenings. And stay open similar hours at weekends.

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