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As a way of paying tribute to our gym members in our 20th anniversary, we have created one gym challenge for each month of our anniversary.

The winners of each challenge receive prizes from local sponsors of the Arena, creating an element of friendly competition around the gym, as well as giving something back to our fantastic members, who we wouldn't be here today without.









The challenges so far:

July: 20 Rep Challenge | Winners: Ian Lucock-Davies, Eve Smith, Craig Fishwick, Jo Fishwick.

August: 20km Rowing Challenge | Winners: Andrea Wilde, Andy Staveley, Karen Shaw, Sam Widdison, Michael Brigdale.

September: Press & Putt Challenge | Winners: Kevan Halliwell, Sam Kelsall, Ken Abbott, James Parker, Susan White.

October: Ball Bounce Challenge | Winner: Liam Brown.

Halloween: Pumpkin Hold Challenge | Winners. Vitaliy Tarasevic, Donna Morgan.

November: Tennis Ball Rotation Challenge | Winners: Louise Potts, Paul Wheeler.

December: 20 Visits Challenge | Winners: Davies Makasa, Gabrielle Henry, Andy Baines, Pamela Heyes, Ray Nisbet.

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