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We aim to provide you with fun and effective ways to improve your health, change your shape, reach your goals and help you feel great about yourself. We pride ourselves on giving you more than others gym do. Here is a selection of some of the activities on offer to you when you take out a membership at USN Bolton Arena, to help you get more from your membership.

If you would like to find out more about any of the activities listed below, give us a call on 01204 488104.



Your gym induction will be carried out by one of our qualified fitness instructors, who will show you around the gym and work with you to produce a personalised fitness programme for your specific needs. Depending on your experience of using gyms, the induction can last from 15 minutes up to an hour. After your induction, you can train freely and our instructors are always there to help should you need further guidance. Please bring a towel and wear suitable clothing and training shoes.

Coffee Morning

Are you currently training alone? Why not come to one of our coffee mornings to meet like minded members. The mornings will take place once a month and are a great way to get talking to people. You never know, you could find yourself a training partner!

Couch To 5K (Running Group)

Do you struggle finding the motivation to run? We’ve introduced a new Couch To 5K running group that will help take you from walking to being able to complete a 5K race. For more information speak to a member of the gym team.


Looking for that intense workout to take your training to the next level? Join us on Saturday mornings and be ready for a tough workout.

Walking Group

Do you enjoy getting outside in the fresh air? We hold a monthly walking group that lasts approximately 3 hours, covering 9 miles. Speak to a member of staff for more information.

Programme Review

We encourage you to have your exercise programme reviewed on a 6 weekly basis. Refreshing your programme will help keep you motivated and interested as well as giving you enhanced results from your training.

Market Leading Studio Classes

Our timetable has been carefully considered and developed to ensure every member’s tastes are catered for. With nearly 50 classes each week including market leading Les MillsTM programmes, you’ll find a class to suit you. The timetable is reviewed regularly in line with feedback from our members.

Mywellness Account

With a mywellness account you can record and monitor your exercise performance and access your fitness results both inside and outside the gym. Your mywellness account can also link to many popular health and fitness mobile apps and health devices, allowing you to access all your lifestyle data in one place.

15 Minute Abs

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays we hold a 15 minutes abs session at 7.30am, 10.30am, 1.30pm and 3.30pm. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we hold sessions at 7.45am, 10.45am, 1.15pm and 3.15pm.

Adult Gymnastics

As part of your membership you can now take part in our Adult Gymnastics classes. The classes cover basic movements and skills and it's a great way to keep fit. Classes take place on a Thursday, 8-9pm.

Programmes That Get Results

1:1 Sessions

If you find the motivation to train sometimes wanes, then these sessions are for you. We offer 1:1 boxing, kettlebell and core stability sessions where you’ll work 1:1 with one of our qualified instructors. These sessions are included in the price of your membership and can be booked directly with one of our qualified instructors.

30 Minute Programmes

Strapped for time? Make big gains in half an hour with our ultra-efficient workouts. Choose from fat burning, muscle building, arm building, leg workout and even a hotel workout that you can do on holiday or if you need to exercise at home.

Sport Specific Programmes

Want to get fitter for your sport? We have ‘ready made’ programmes to help you improve your golf swing, your tennis stroke, your running pace, fitness for football and boxing.

Specialist Programmes

Whether you are training for Tough Mudder, want to increase your bench press weight, work your glutes or improve your squat and deadlift movements, we have a range of ‘ready made’ programmes to guide you. Whilst our 2, 3, 4 and 5 day weights programmes are geared around how many times a week you can train.

Other Support Available

Fitness Assessments

A fitness evaluation is available for all members which determines body composition, muscular strength, endurance and aerobic capacity. All our cardio machines are also equipped with inbuilt fitness testing technology that can be used in conjunction with heart rate monitors.


If you’ve got a competitive streak, why not join one of our Gym Challenges? Challenges are a great way to stay in shape, tone up your body, learn new exercise techniques and do something new and exciting each and every month. The challenges range from easy to hard, but are all achievable and motivating for all. And there are great monthly prizes up for grabs.

Nutrition & Health Advice

Exercise is not always enough! If you need help with weight loss, high blood pressure, cholesterol or managing your diabetes, we can point you in the right direction. Qualified instructors are available to help you meet your nutritional and health goals.

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