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Tim Rotheram

Arena Player Profile – Tim Rotheram

Arena Football Player Profiles

Player name:  Tim Rotheram

Team/s: El Diablo, 5 Lions, Hunter Wild Boys & The Trotters

Position: Striker

How long have you played football at USN Bolton Arena?

For well over 10 years now.

What are your top 3 sports to watch and participate in?

Football, Cricket & American Football

Which football team do you support?

Bolton Wanderers

From the wider world of sport, what’s your favourite sporting memory?

Has to be Kevin Davies scoring the equaliser, for Bolton, against Bayern Munich in the Europa League.

Who are your sporting heroes/favourite players (3 names max)?

Kevin Davies, Freddie Flintoff & Andrew Beavan

If you could choose to have scored any goal in the history of football, which one would it be? E.G. Beckham vs Greece.

Frank Worthington’s wonder goal vs Ipswich in 1979.

Answering honestly, what are the strongest & weakest parts of your game (football)?

Strongest: Intelligent football brain with an eye for a killer pass.

Weakest: Sadly my left leg is just for standing on but it helps with balance

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